Monday, March 31, 2008


Miss 9 has a hard time playing by herself. She needs some extra pushes from Hubby or I to go and do something, anything. Usually if we send her to her room, tell her to shut the door and stay in there for a few minutes, suddenly we'll find her playing with something from the arsenal of toys in her room. She has an amazing imagination, but occassionally she just needs that extra push.
Lately she has been hanging out with her Webkinz. She doesn't necessarily play with them online as most kids do, but she loves to pose them in new scenarios. Most mornings before school, while she is waiting for Mr 18 to get out of the bathroom so she can brush her teeth, she is setting up the Webkinz for the day.
The picture above is from last week. The animals are all at school: they are studying the States and they each have their own desk. The big blue bear at the front is the teacher. I thought it was adorable.

I love that she is still willing to play with her toys. It doesn't happen nearly as much any more and I will be very sad when the day comes that my house isn't full of toys for kids to play with. Part of what makes it feel like a home is the toys that kids leave laying around here and there. Granted, there are days when they toys have gotten to be too much, but now that I only have one left willing to play with them, it makes me feel a little let down. I no longer have to go shop in the toy department, I don't get to stop at the toy stores on our vacations, and we don't have to pack a big bag of toys to take along to the Grandparents. Instead now they all bring their own electronic device of some kind. Less imagination needed that way. Kind of sad.

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Lo said...

Webkins are such a ripoff. Did you know that they "die" after a year? I found that out at Christmas b/c my niece got a bunch last year and now they are all dying so she wants new ones for her bday in Feb. Geez.