Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Really I'm a 7 year old boy

Family who know me well, know that one thing always cracks me up: certain loud, bodily function jokes. Why yes, I am a 7 year old boy, why do you ask? Yes, I'm immature, but we can't help what we find funny, right?

Last night Hubby had on Bill Engvall on CNN or the Comedy Channel or some channel. I was getting ready to shower and decided I needed a drink of water before I climbed in to the shower. I wandered to the kitchen where Hubby was on the phone and the tv was on. I picked up my glass of water and turned to face the tv to watch while I sipped. Just as I take a big gulp of water Engvall's words caught me. Yes, it was an entire small skit on human gas. You already know where this is headed don't you? The glass is still up to my mouth, and my mouth is full and I started to laugh: water flew across the kitchen floor and down the front of my shirt and all over my face. Mmmmhmmmm, I am a child, I can't even keep water in my mouth. Hubby's mouth literally dropped open as he stared at the mess I have now made. Wow. I was glad that Miss 9 was in bed and the other 2 were off doing something elsewhere in the house, because if they had made that mess, I would have felt the need to lecture them a bit.

Hi, I'm Mama Bear, and I am 7 years old.

It was funny though, I swear it was, the jokes and the mess I made.

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DeeAnn said...

LOL!! OMG, I can only imagine... hilarious!! :D