Monday, March 17, 2008

What a morning!

On a normal day I am awake before the kids, I check to make sure that Miss 14 is up and in the shower at her regular time, then wait until she is done to do my thing so I don't mess with her water supply. This morning however, I slept right through her getting up time. I'll blame my sinuses, allergies are not letting me sleep well, so I was finally resting well and didn't wake as usual. When I did wake up, 30 minutes after Miss 14 usually gets up, I hustled to her door and woke her up. She jumped out of bed and flew into the bathroom yelling, "what time is it?" and in a panic. She was ready, for the most part, in time and headed out the door as usual with Mr 18. However I spent the morning trying to help her be on time, so now my day is 30 minutes behind my normal schedule. (and yet here I am writing about something so mundane... priorities people!)

We had a brief shower of rain last night, and by brief I mean not enough to completely wet the sidewalk. We are in the middle of a drought I'm afraid, and I literally mean I'm afraid. With farming as our main income, well, really our only income, a drought means some scary times ahead. We haven't had anywhere near our normal snowfall, and before that we haven't had any significant rain since May. Scary, isn't it? Sure there are record prices for crops, but what the media fails to tell people is that there are record prices for the ingredients it takes us to put in a crop. We are paying more than 3 times the amount we have EVER paid for fertilizer. Crop insurance prices have quadrupled and I don't think I need to mention the price of diesel or gasoline. Like I said, scary times ahead.

Yesterday we got to head over to see SuperSisterinLaw and LittleBrother, along with their adorable son. He is nearly a year old now, and it is so much fun to watch him play, hear the new sounds he is trying out and see the girls interact with him. He is at such a great age!

Now, since I am 30 minutes behind in my day, I better decide what needs to get done... hmmm... perhaps some online shopping will fill the bill.

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