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Love Thursday

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Way to Accessorize!

I thought perhaps you would enjoy a picture of my new accessory, it's lovely, no? I considered showing you a picture of my finger underneath my pretty new splint, but it's not for the squeamish, and it wouldn't be fair without a warning. Miss 15 was so grossed out she ran from the room.

I'm normally not too klutzy, I have quick reflexes, strong arms and pretty fair eyesight. For whatever reason yesterday whether my mind was elsewhere or my reflexes were impaired I have no idea, bit I managed to slam my hand in a door. Fortunately only one finger took the brunt of the force, unfortunately it was apparently my favorite finger because it is darn difficult to do anything without use of that finger.

I handle pain well, I don't whine normally, just deal and move on. This however was one of those that brought me to my knees and made me feel ill. I was coherent enough to get ice on it right away, so I think I saved a lot of further swelling. I iced it for two hours straight, and if you have never tried driving children all over town while icing your dominant hand, then you just aren't living.

Still the damage isn't pretty. Because I took the blow right above or right at my top joint, all the force went to the tip of my finger. The nail is black, the very tip is blood red where all the blood was forced up and there is bruising all around the joint. The skin is pulled so tight that I can't straighten it, but I can bend it so I'm sure nothing is broken. Mostly it is one giant, swollen bruise on the very top of my finger with enough pressure in it that putting my hand under the sheet last night nearly made me cry. So the splint is just for protection against more bumps and a reminder to me not to use the finger. I'm learning lots of new skills this way though: doing my make up, Miss 10's hair, typing, using a mouse, cooking, brushing my teeth, slicing bread, etc.

I am not begging for sympathy, I'm explaining why there may be a lack of posting, although I am getting fairly decent at typing without that finger. In the meantime sitting still and not moving makes it throb a lot less, so I think I'll get a few books read, though my house may suffer from lack of attention.

Next time you are near a door, try to shut it without having your fingers in it. You'll thank me for the warning.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can You Feel The Love?

Happy Love Thursday everyone!
Instead of the typical post of how love is shown to me, I want to tell about how I show love. If you live at my house, you hear it daily, I tell them all I love you as they leave for school and when I tuck them in bed, and sometimes just randomly because something made me think of them. I like to text it at unexpected moments, too. It confuses them, sometimes they think they did something wrong. Heh...

But there are other ways I show love:

~I do laundry every other day, I wash it, dry it, fold it and put it in their rooms, or away depending on their age and how much I feel like cleaning out the drawers.

~Weekly while menu planning I try to take into account their favorites and add one from each family member to the menu.

~I drive and drive and drive children some more to get them to their favorite activities. If they want to be involved in something, I try never to say no.

~Homework help is always a yes, I never turn down a request if someone needs help with homework, even if that means I don't do or go somewhere I was planning.

~I cook, a lot, we seldom go out to eat, eat fast food, or eat frozen meals. I buy the groceries and cook the food most nights a week. I work very hard to prepare healthy options at every meal, there is always a fruit and always a vegetable. (I didn't say they always ate it, I said I made it!)

There are lots of tiny ways to show them love as well, like notes in their lunches at school, notes on the bathroom mirror when they get up in the morning, notes if I leave for the day and they come home before I do, their favorite food or snack in the cupboard, a book they've been wanting to read magically appearing on their bed or any number of little things. They may not know that what I do in a day is done simply because I love them, they may not realize it consciously, but I hope somewhere in their subconscious, they know that all those little and big things are because I love them!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Finally, finally we can say that spring is here. And although the forecasters are calling for a "cooler and wetter" spring than normal, we can see the warmth taking over from the snow piles that are left. In fact, at the moment, I have only one 18 inch snow pile out in the yard, just one. It makes my heart sing to not see snow every where I look. The trees are getting a few tiny buds on them, I have plants growing and actually blooming beside the house, and I'm having dreams, literally, about the changes I want to make in the yard this year. Aaaaah, what a relief from the cold, gloom and snow.

Miss 15's appointment was nearly exactly what I expected. She had an ECHO in the morning which showed her heart to be structurally perfect. That's good news. Then after a lengthy wait and appointment in the afternoon, the only news we have is that this pediatric cardiologist is recommending that she have surgery again to change the nerve path that causes her supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT). We would need to return to the same hospital and the same surgeon as last time to have it done. We are still debating the merits. Hubby is completely against it, "if it didn't work the first time why would we do it again?" type of view. Miss 15 wants the surgery, just isn't sure if she's ready to proceed with it this summer or not. I just dread the thought of holding her hand while they put the IV in, having her sobbing that she has changed her mind, wheeling her to the surgery room, sobbing as I walk back to sit in the surgery lobby with other parents who's children are very ill, being on the verge of a nervous breakdown while we wait, and wait, and wait, and then sitting with her in the recovery room while she can't move, she can't drink and she can't think properly, praying that this time all the stress and anxiety would be worth it. I know that in order for her to lead a normal life, to be able to give 100% to any physical activity she is involved in, to be able to have babies in the future without any added stress on her heart, that this is the road we have to take, that we have to give her this opportunity in life. I know that in my brain, and in my heart, but that doesn't make it any easier to make that decision.

For the next 30 days Miss 15 is on a heart monitor. Luckily it is a small recorder, about the size of a pager or cell phone, so other than being uncomfortable at the wire sites it doesn't interfere with her life. It has 2 wires that connect to two different spots on her chest. She has stopped taking her medication to control the SVT. That was necessary in order to bring on a "heart spell" that can be recorded and sent to the cardiologist. It's a bit nerve wracking to have her off her meds because we know it's not comfortable for her. But in the end, a necessary evil that will have to be endured, but hopefully just for a short time frame.

After finishing up her appointments we were able to fit in some of Miss 15's favorite activity, shopping. Then we came home to a gorgeous weekend, and Miss 10 got to do her favorite thing, play outside. We arrived home on Saturday evening and Miss 10 headed outside. Other than meals and sleep, I think she spent nearly all day Sunday and Monday outside as well. I think she missed her yard, I know I did. Hubby and I were able to get back on our bikes on Monday night for our first ride of the year and Mr 19 enjoyed his favorite activity while he was home: staying out half the night and driving his parents mad with his schedule.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making The Loop

We leave tomorrow, yes, tomorrow. I haven't started packing, I haven't prepped for the Easter dinner that I have to make. I haven't gotten the Easter baskets done, or the Easter eggs stuffed. (Miss 15, of course I don't do that, the Easter Bunny brings those wonderful gifts and goodies for you, I just have to tell everyone I do that so I look extra busy!) I went downstairs this morning and dug out the plastic eggs, so at least I've gotten one step out of the way.

We leave tomorrow on a whirlwind trip in a loop that will lead us from the northern half of the state, to the southern half of the state and then halfway across the state. Friday we head back north and then Saturday we head west and make it home, a perfect loop covering half of the state totaling 7 hours of driving time, minimum. Whee... Mr 19 will join us on Thursday evening as he will be out of college classes for Easter break. I shouldn't whine about my driving schedule as he will manage to put in at least 14 hours of driving time this weekend.

We plan on picking up the girls from school tomorrow and immediately hitting the road. Luckily the weather looks good and after the winter driving we've endured this winter we are so grateful for that. We'll be at our destination around dinner time. Which means we get to go out to eat. We rarely do that here, and I'm looking forward to not having to cook and to getting to a larger town with much, much better restaurant choices. Now the only problem will be that we all need to agree on a restaurant choice. That could put is in some dangerous territory.

Friday is Miss 15's appointments with her pediatric cardiologist. We'll have an EKG and chest x-ray in the morning, and the other appointments in the afternoon. I'm a little anxious. It's not that I expect any new information, I'm just hoping for a better solution.

Miss 15 is hoping the appointments go well, but mostly she's hoping to do lots of shopping, I fear that will be hard to fit in. Miss 10 and Mr 19 won't want to spend much time shopping. I have a long list of things that I need at a home improvement store. I lead such an exciting life! Blinds! Floor Vents! Light Switch Plates! Kitchen Cabinet Knobs! Hold me back!

So to everyone who reads, have a blessed Easter. Enjoy the new beginnings that Easter promises, enjoy the chocolate and jelly beans, and enjoy your family.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Not In The Mood!

I can not believe that Easter is just around the corner. I've been begging Spring to get it's act together and make an appearance around here, but up until this week it's been pretty much a no show. I was going to post pictures of the snow banks we still have in our yard, and the dirt and dust on the streets, but I am too lazy to get them out of my camera at the moment, plus it's just depressing to look at. Instead I am avoiding looking down when I'm outside, and instead look up at the blue sky and robins that have finally shown themselves.

I haven't even taken any of our Easter decorations off the shelves to put them out. I have gorgeous little Easter baskets, and beautiful natural looking eggs to put out, but I am just not in the mood. This winter had been such a downer, and my Vitamin D must just be as low as it has ever been. So instead I tell myself that I've just been too busy to do it. But the truth is, I'm just not in the mood. Winter has defeated me this year, and it's going to take some real spring effort to get me going again. So Spring... here is your challenge... get it going, push hard, I'm waiting!!!