Friday, March 7, 2008

Be Gone!

I fully intend to whine and complain in this post, so if you aren't interested you can check in next week sometime; hopefully I will be over the whining phase then.

I had to work today. I really didn't want to, and not because I don't want to work, but because everywhere you turn these days someone is sick. The percentages of absences from school I teach in is phenomenal! My daughter is in a class of 16, today there were only 10 there. I taught Kindergarten today. I had only 5 of 9 in my morning class. I am thrilled that parents are keeping their children home when they are sick, BUT... not all of them do this. If they did, we wouldn't have these huge amounts of students out every day.

Miss 9 was home for three days this week. In some ways I felt terrible that she was home for so long; but then another part of me thought about sending her to spread all those germs to the rest of her class. She wasn't able to walk for 2 days with her illness because she was so weak and dizzy. I am sure that some of the students at the school feel the exact same way. Yet this morning, before Mass, which begins 45 minutes after school starts, 10 students went home. Can you imagine? What were these parents thinking sending their child to school? If your child calls you to come home without being in school for a full hour, why did they go in the first place? Surely they were exhibiting some symptoms before you sent them to school; keep the poor kid at home and let them rest. Of all things to recover they need rest more than anything, not school, not play, rest.

There's my vent for the day. I have more, but I'd bore you so I won't.

Otherwise things are well here. I accomplished some household tasks that I have been anxious to be done with yesterday and I was able to get to bed early as well. Although since I was awake at 5:30 a.m., the getting to bed early thing really didn't help much.

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