Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it Love Thursday? I think it is! Love Thursday+

La Rêveuse, my cousin, tagged me with this one. What's on your fridge? Little did she know that I spent part of Sunday cleaning off my fridge. Shut up, I did, too! So really, there isn't as much as usual on my fridge. We just got a new fridge as well, I don't love it, but it has lots of room in it and it functions much better than the old one which froze my apples! Certain things just can't leave the fridge: magnets from my mother in law in the upper left, she put them on our fridge before we moved in, and I swear she checks for them each time she comes over to visit, a change weekly-monthly calendar which isn't nearly as full as it usually is, thank goodness, a reading calendar for Miss 9, a schedule for church services for Holy Week, a newspaper article on a swim meet, various magnets Miss 9 has given me as gifts, magnets from our trip to CA last July that Hubby gave me for Christmas, a picture of Nephew that is simply adorable, an ortho appt. card for Miss 14, an article on where Mr 18 is headed for college, and up on top, a box of Puffs, and the boxes for my new cell phone/bluetooth things. See, not too much junk, it all has a purpose, right?

Perhaps more telling is this:
This is the inside of my fridge.
Good things to eat of course, but a mess already because I had 3 kids digging through it this morning and I haven't straightened it up yet. I will get to it, when I have to look for my lunch perhaps.
So, Cuz, let's see the INSIDE of your fridge!

On to Love Thursday:

1. I love that I live in a small enough town that I can call up Miss 14's doc and he tells us to just bring her down to be seen. Of course since he is the father of one of her good friends, that helps too!
- a side note to this being that yesterday Miss 14 was home with me all day with her heart acting up. She has a heart condition that causes it to race unexpectedly and at a very high rate. She used to be medicated for this condition, but 2 years ago on Monday she had an ablation to help correct it. It didn't work. It reduced the problem, and made it much more manageable without meds, but it didn't cure it, which was our goal. As of yesterday she is back on meds on an as needed basis. It makes me sad.

2. I love that I could call the school about Miss 14 yesterday and no one judged me keeping her home, or questioned why I would.

3. I love it when Hubby is home on laundry day. Unfortunately he's not home for today's laundry day though.

4. I love Brach's egg shaped malted milk balls!

5. I love my bed in the morning when I don't have to set my alarm and it's all cozy warm.

6. I love finding time to read my book.

7. I love that in a little over a month I get to start shopping at garden center's.

8. I love playing rummy with Miss 9. She's really gotten to be very good at the game, and beats me on a hand or two now and then. A bonus is that it is excellent for her math skills.

9. I love that Miss 14 still likes to be with me now and then. She makes me laugh.

10. I love that Mr 18 emptied the garbage in his room last night. Still waiting on the laundry off the floor, but the garbage is empty.


Kel said...

I found your blog through La Rêveuse. I too had WPW when I was a kid and was medicated and then had the ablation when I was 12 years old...I am now 27, and although I tend to have a faster than normal heart rate I have no problems with the WPW since. I did have a friend who had an ablation at the same time I had..he had to have 3 different ablations done before they finally got it. Have your dr.'s mentioned trying an ablation again?? I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with it is quite scary, especially when it doesn't come down right away.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

hope that something can be done to correct m.14's heart. as a parent, it must be scary at times!
the fridge thing was fun...i imagine with 3 kids (1 a teenage boy) it must be replenished often.