Friday, April 25, 2008

but WAIT...

I found a Fabulous Friday of my own to write about!

Miss 14 asked me to go for a walk today, unfortunately I couldn't go along as Miss 9 is home ill and I couldn't leave her alone. So off skips Miss 14 on a gorgeous day for a walk all by herself.
Nearly 30 minutes later I see her walking up the driveway, with her hand wrapped around something. She walks in the door, slips off her shoes, holds her hand out to me and says, "Here."
I'm a little afraid as I hold out my hand thinking she found something gross to share with me, but, brave Mom that I am, I stick out my hand.
She drops a handful of gorgeous agates in my hand! Yes, rocks, literally, rocks. She knows I love them, that whenever I walk on the dike I grab one or two to bring home, and she thought of me sitting home, and she brought me some.
I think, just maybe, she loves me. Yay, Rocks! Thanks Miss 14!


Ronica said...

You have a neat kid. Not surprising. She has a neat mom.


Glad it's starting to show. :D

Allen Fieldhouse said...

that was such a sweet gesture, one i'm sure you'll remember much longer than she does.