Friday, April 25, 2008

Late again

For Love Thursday this time... sorry!
I'll have to combine my Fabulous Friday and my Love Thursday post all into one to make up for my tardiness.

Love Thursday:
This week I'll have to go to the mushy side. My Love Thursday post is about Hubby. Of course! I love this man, what did you expect?

I met Hubby in 1988. He drove a smokin' black Camaro (IROC), wore cowboy boots and tight jeans, a black leather jacket, Obsession and rocked the mullet. (Look at the date people, it was 1988 EVERYONE rocked the mullet then! Sheesh!)

Of course I was first attracted to the physical side, and still am, but as our years together have passed I realize that what I love most about Hubby is more inside than outside. Hubby's most lovable asset has to be that the kids and I come first. Always. There is no time when if we really asked or needed him for something that he wouldn't put what we want or need first. He doesn't go out with the guys, ever, he doesn't put his needs in front of ours, ever, he doesn't stay out late (well, except for work, and that's understandable now and then), he works his tail off so that I can stay home with the kids because they need me here, he takes care of the spiders for us, if Miss 14 or Miss 9 ask him nicely for nearly anything, he doesn't turn them down, he works hard all day at the farm, then comes home and works just as hard here. He doesn't sit down at the end of the day and watch tv just because he already put in his 10 hour day. He comes home and starts helping out with wherever we may need him.

We are his world, and I don't mean that to sound like I deserve to be the center of the universe. I mean that he chooses to put us there, and we are so incredibly lucky! It is a rare trait in a husband to find someone as selfless as my Hubby.
Happy Love Thursday (a little late) everyone!

On to Fabulous Friday:

After the week that we have had around here it's tough to find a Fabulous moment to post about. Personally I don't have one single moment that was so fabulous that I feel the need to share it. So, instead I am going to pass on a fabulous moment that I watched happen to Hubby.

Miss 14 is like most girls her age. She finds her parents a tad embarrassing, especially her Dad. At the moment he is "so weird!" and he does this, that, those and the other wrong. One of the big things she says to him is "stop looking at me!" Even if all he did was watch her come into a room, or turn around to see what she was doing. Sometimes she even complains to me, "Mom, make him stop looking at me like that." Yet I can't see that he's even looking at her "like that" anyway. (What is like that?) She does that wonderful teen eye roll when he makes a suggestion, gives her unasked for advice or asks a question that she finds unnecessary.

Yesterday I was busy working on supper, Hubby had gone outside to do some work on a vehicle and Miss 14 was doing homework. For some odd reason, Miss 14 tied up her walking shoes, and went outside to ask her Dad to go for a walk with her. To say he was shocked would be putting it mildly. He came in the house, changed into his walking shoes and walked out the door and up the street with Miss 14. They were gone for about 30 minutes or so. When they got home I asked what she really wanted. There had to be an ulterior motive to this, right? And he said she didn't want anything at all. They just walked and talked and came home. Hubby was shocked and so happy to have these moments with her. Whereas Miss 14 will talk to me, and spend time just hanging out alone with me when she can, she rarely affords her father that privilege of time with her. This was one of those rare Fabulous Moments.

Happy Fabulous Friday!

And if you have a spare moment, say a couple of prayers for strength for us this weekend. It is Prom tomorrow for Mr 18, yikes! And I have Miss 9 home sick, yes, again. Argh!

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DeeAnn said...

Knowing how important that walk must have been brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful moment for him!!

And your right, your hubby is an amazing person, I'm sure you count your blessings many times a day. Great post!