Thursday, April 17, 2008

All we need is love!

Love Thursday! Whoohoo!

I've been trying hard to come up with a Love Thursday post here today, but my mind has just been blank. Then I went and read
La Rêveuse.
She happens to be my cousin, and this month is a rough one for her. (Hopefully she doesn't mind me talking about her behind her back! I neglected to ask first.)
My Godmother and aunt, was her Mother. She died far too young and left so much behind. My Love Thursday post is about her.

Deen (not her real, name, but a nickname) was an awesome aunt! For whatever reason she never chose to treat me like the child I was. Because she was my mother's sister we got to visit often and when we did it was so much fun. Yes, she had young daughters. One of them, La Reveuse, was my sisters age and they hung out all the time. They annoyed the beegeeberz out of me at the time as well. Her other daughter was younger than La Reveuse and usually it was my job to watch over her.
Deen and her family had a lake cabin for a few years. It was such fun to go visit them there. She and I took a boat across the lake to a small restaurant/general store to pick up supplies. She was a crazy boat driver! It was great to hang out on the dock there, and she seemed to really enjoy having us around.
Deen moved to a farm when I was about 12 or so. It wasn't a working farm, but had several old buildings and lots of trees to roam in. She also had a dog, a pregnant dog, and we spent most of one day checking on the delivery of her puppies. I think she had at least 12 puppies that day. It was amazing, and Deen let me spend a good share of the day watching this amazing miracle of life.
I was allowed to stay up later than the other kids when we went to visit. Sometimes we played cards. Deen never made me feel like an imposition. I was welcome at the table with the grown ups and I heard stories that my innocent ears were probably never supposed to know.
The day I got married she came to the Bride's room to see me. She was in charge of handing out flowers to all our attendants and relatives. With her winning personality and outgoing manner, we knew she was the perfect person for that job.
A few years after I got married we happened to move to the same town as Deen and her husband. We didn't see a lot of her, but we did get to hang out some. She babysat a few times for us, and when she saw a good deal at a rummage sale or store, she would pick up things for my kids and bring them over. She made Mr 18 laugh with her silly antics, and even did her chicken call for him. (It still scared the crap out of me when she did that, just like it did when I was younger) I knew I could call her if I needed something, and when they had to move I was sad. She was really the only family I had here at the time.
Deen was a master storyteller. While I was growing up I believed every word she said. Now, I think she was also a master story stretcher, but that just made it all the more fun. Her personality was amazing and I am a better and stronger person for having had her in my life.

I love her, and I miss her, a lot.


Ronica said...

Thank you. It's so fun to see her through someone else's eyes, and to remember the good things. You made me laugh out loud. :) And you're right, they were stretched. (Maybe that's where I get it?)

Oh, and it was 13 puppies. I remember because I promised Mom I would do a jumping jack for each one so she could see from the house, and I got tired!

DeeAnn said...

That was a wonderful memory, and your right - she always made kids feel important no matter how old we were. I always felt like what I had to say meant something, no matter what it was. I felt accepted and welcome when she was around. She had a gift for that, for that and for making people laugh.

She is dearly missed, and always loved.

Allen Fieldhouse said...

how lovely!