Saturday, April 19, 2008

1 day past Fabulous Friday

Oops! I thought about writing this post, so that counts right?

My post-Friday Fabulous moment isn't something that happened with my family, but it is something that made me laugh out loud, so it counts.

Yesterday as I was doing the laundry, something that never, ever ends at this house, I opened up the window. It was gorgeous outside here yesterday, a rarity these days (that alone could be my fabulous Friday!) Anyway, my laundry room window looks out on our neighbors back yard. Their nearing 4 year old boy, K, had a friend over to play. They were running around, screaming, giggling and tripping over each other, so I stopped to watch. That age is just so darn cute. I could hear their conversations and love the way neither of them can say their R's, L's or S's.
It made me long for they days when my kids were young and so innocent.

The boys decided to play on the swing set. There is a slide on this swing set, about maybe 3 feet off the ground. K's friend wanted to slide, but told K, "My mom won't wet me (SL)wide down wifout her catch me."

"OK," says K, "I'ww catch you!"

K stations himself at the bottom of the slide while his friend climbs the ladder to the top.

"Wook out bewoah!!"

And he pushes himself off the slide towards the bottom where K is waiting to catch him.

They both go flying backwards into the grass, one on his back and the other on top of him.
A slight pause in the noisey-ness...

followed by lots and lots of little boy giggles that turn into guffaws and the inability to stand up. Thus, making me laugh in the house as I watched them.

"Wet's do it again! I get to swide 'dis time! Catch me!"

Oh how I miss those days! (Sometimes)


DeeAnn said...

How I'd love to be young like that again!

Allen Fieldhouse said...

cute post!
makes you yearn for the days you didn't have a care in the world...