Friday, April 11, 2008

and this gem...

We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home so the girls could have a snack before the 2 hour drive in the car. No, I did not have anything, first off it makes me ill, secondly I know I don't need the calories. Anyway, before I so rudely interrupted myself I was saying that we had one winner of a waitperson at the till.
Her "What can I get you?" This said with no eye contact and a complete monotone.

Me "I need a small tin roof brownie blizzard and a dilly bar. Can we please get an extra cup with the dilly bar, to set it in if it breaks."

Her, staring at me and playing with her hair. "The dilly bar comes in a bag"

At this point Miss 14 and I looked at each other, suppressed a laugh, and I repeated, "Yes, we just want the cup to set it in"

Her "well, I guess, but it is in a bag."

Mhmmmm, and I'm sure Miss 9 will love eating her dilly bar that comes in a bag. Now give me the food and don't talk again for fear I think you are an idiot!

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DeeAnn said...

Did you know that Dilly Bars come in a bag?