Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Kind of a Blog is this?

Well, I really don't know. There are so many interesting things to discuss. I simply can't limit it to parenting. There is a list of things I may want to talk about including:

~ Yum, this is what we had for supper last night. It's not something I would make on a daily basis, but it was delicious for a change. We have also had this and this recently and really liked both of them. They are similar. I can't wait to try out this one either. I don't often use this recipe site, but for some reason they all came from the same place this time. I usually love The Food Network for my favorite recipes to try.

~ I have been trying really hard to find a new gel blush. (Exciting topic, no?) but unfortunately my favorite has been discontinued. Any ideas anyone?

~ I have been trying hard to find ideas for Miss 9's education progression for the summer. I feel like she has really gone backwards over the last year. For that I must blame her teacher. I would like to find interesting ways to add math and reading to our summer, but not by using books.

~ I have spent time reading book reviews looking for the next great author for me. I tend to read an author until I've covered their entire series. I've covered most of the current thriller writers and haven't found a new one. Any author's you love?

~ I keep drooling over this website as I patiently wait for spring to finally arrive here. I can finally see the buds opening on my tree outside the kitchen window. Hurry please!

~I have also been going through boxes of pictures to be used for Mr 18's open house. I'm going to put together bulletin boards of his years in school. It has been a blast seeing them again. Boy has he grown up.

~I have been seriously pouting and whining over the fact that later this week our high temperature is going to be 37 degrees! Mother Nature... let's get on with the spring thing, winter is done, let go of the past!

~ Money is flowing through my fingertips as we pay for orthodontia, dental appointments for all, State meetings for various Mr 18 activities, clothing needed for band, Auto Tech, work and track. That plus the general expense of graduation makes me think I need a part time job that is a little more regular than subbing to pay for it all.

Anything you want me to discuss or open for discussion her? All, well, most ideas welcome.

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

ok, it is 10:06 here in the morning & you have me hungry for pizza!! yum, i'm totally trying these recipes. any ideas for me to make saturday night? i'm hosting my book club so there will be 5-6 of us. i'd love to do the pizza but the last host made pizza so i need to something else that is fairly easy, but brilliant! :)