Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chaos Reigns Supreme!

We all run and run and run. I don't mean just my family, I mean everyone I talk to. When did lives become so busy? Sometimes I wonder if we are actually that busy, or if we just like people to believe we are. Are we associating success with busy lives? I don't think our kids feel that way. They are more than content to sit down and just sit sometimes. They would love it if we said, "Hey, why don't you do nothing, and sit down and watch television for a while." Boy, Miss 9 would jump on that bandwagon in a hurry.

At our house our lives are busy, but busy by our choosing. Forced seems a strong word, but we have really, really encouraged our kids to be involved at school and in sports. We feel that kids who are busy, are less tempted to try things we would rather they didn't. I don't believe that my children are complete innocents, nor would I expect you to believe it. But, we have done what we can to keep them busy enough that they really shouldn't be bored in life. Boredom can lead to temptation, right?

In the meanwhile this lifestyle keeps us busy, but not excessively all the time. The kids all have time to sit, but they also have places to be and things to do. Some days my life is very busy, but then I get a few days where it's a little more laid back, and I appreciate those days more because I know of the busy times ahead.

Hubby's busy season is fast approaching, beginning tomorrow he doesn't expect to be home for supper very often, and while I dread that, I know it's just the way life is. Now my life will be a little busier as well, filling in for him in the tasks I count on him to do in the non-busy season.

Graduation is also sneaking up on us, and we've been trying to plan for an open house for Mr 18. Then Mr 18 works with Hubby at the family farm. Miss 14 has been asked to coach 2 sessions of swim club over the summer, and I've told Miss 9 she is expected to do book reports for Super Sister-in-Law. (that was not a pleasant conversation) So while we are excited for the end of the school year, it won't mean a total stoppage of running. But it will be more laid back, and I can't wait to sit on the deck, in the sun and the heat and watch Miss 9 and her friends wail in the pool. I also can't wait to start riding my bike again. I'm tired of sitting inside! Let the warm season begin! (but please, if I can beg a little, let it rain! Please, please!)

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