Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Must Be Coming

Since Easter is now in the books, spring must be on the way right? I know, in some places it's already here, but where I lived it's not. But, oh how I wish it was!

The Easter Bunny was able to hide about 80 Easter Eggs on Easter Eve, along with filling 4 baskets. (Hubby needs one, too!) Morning finally arrived, very early for me as Miss 9 was sharing the bedroom at my parent's house with Hubby and I and she was up early to blow her nose and never went back to sleep, although we were able to keep her from tearing upstairs for the egg hunt until nearly 8:30 when we let her wake Mr 18 and Miss 14. We all went to the living room where the kids dutifully looked through their baskets in order to empty them and get on with the egg hunt. Then they were off. I swear the entire egg hunt took less than 4 minutes. It was like a race! Naturally Mr 18 found the most eggs since he is the fastest and the most willing to knock his sisters out of the way for candy, but he also knows that no matter how many he gets I always even the egg count out in the end before they can even look in the eggs. So he won with the most eggs, but they all ended up with the same amount of candy; which they don't get to eat on Easter save for a few pieces. The rest of their candy gets put away and they get to chose a piece or two each day for dessert. The older two get away with sneaking some now and then, and they think I don't know, but because it's always been this way, no one objects. Works for us! It's the same way with Halloween candy.

I am also thrilled to report that my washing machine died... again! In spite of two or three repairs in the last 3 months, it is now hitting the road. I am not fixing it again. So, instead I'll get a new washing machine delivered this afternoon. I am not thrilled as we are simply buying one that will tide us over until the prices (hopefully) come down on front loaders, but all I care about is that it works for the minimum of 15 loads of laundry that I do per week. I lead an exciting life I tell you!

And now a question for the masses. Hubby suffers from severe canker sores. He used to get the often and many, many at a time, but since cutting out orange juice and diet Mountain Dew along with brushing with baking soda toothpaste and rinsing with baking soda water, he's really reduced his outbreaks. Usually the only time he gets one now is if he bites his tongue or cheek. Last week however he had a huge outbreak. He had 20 in his mouth at one point, and they grew so large that they grew into each other. He couldn't eat without numbing his mouth, and could barely speak. He was/is in such pain with them. What I am asking for is some advice, if you have any. Any ideas? Don't suggest the usual pastes to put on them from the drugstore, just putting that on a canker sore the size of a fingernail is enough to bring him to his knees. I'm looking for new ideas. Please....
He is taking Lysine tablets already. That was a tip from the dentist.

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

sounds like you had a nice easter too. easter baskets & christmas stockings are things you don't grow out of...they are always fun to get no matter your age!
as for the canker sores, wish i had some advice!!
hope spring is around the corner for you. later today we will try using my non-green thumb to plant a few flowers. :)