Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest Love Thursday

1. I love that because most of my cousins and family are regularly on-line I can force them to check out pictures of my kids. I guess force is a strong word, but I can email them pictures and hope they look at them, that way even though we are far apart, they are still part of our lives.

2. I love that even though we span an area across the US from Cali to VT, I have family to call on for thoughts and prayers when things are good or bad. I can email them that morning and by evening have gotten happy thoughts in my inbox.

3. I love that all my "little" cousins and siblings are now starting families. I can hold the babies and check out adorable baby pics and yet still know that I don't have to put up with the stinky diapers, drooly bibs, and sleepless nights. (except for the teen things....)

4. I love that Miss 9 will still randomly tell me "I love you, Mom!" It makes my day.

5. I love that for almost every morning that my children have gone to school in their entire lives I have been able to hug them on their way out the door and wave goodbye in the window. I hope in some small way it makes their day better.

6. I love reading Janet Evanovich's number series and laughing at loud at the ridiculous humor. Last night I laughed until I cried while I was laying in bed; even after I put the book down. It drove Hubby nuts. I love doing that, too.

7. I love when Miss 14 has a "laughing attack" and can hardly stand up straight.

8. I love when the girls lay in my bed with me in the morning or at night and giggle at really silly things. I especially love it when Miss 14 is a waiting in my bed when I get out of the shower at night. That's her favorite time to behave really strangely and it's hilarious.

9. I love when Mr 18 surprises me with a really deep thought or question and honestly wants my opinion. I love when his opinion reflects our values and beliefs especially when his opinion is different from the typical teen selfishness.

10. I love comments on my posts. Ahem.

Happy Love Thursday!


DeeAnn said...

I love "Love Thursday". It's fun to see all these positive things and read how special they are.

Ronica said...

And I love you, cousin! Next time I see you, I'll even save you a stinky diaper. Heh.