Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For What It's Worth

Last night Mr 18 and his friends got up on stage at the local high school and rocked out a bit. Well, that is if you call Buffalo Springsteen rockin' out. Mr 18 and a group of swimming and running buds decided to pool their other talents and play some music. Of the 7 on stage only 1 was playing an instrument that they specialize in, that's if you call the tambourine specializing and only 3 of them are still playing music with the high school band. The freshman girls squealing as they took the stage was most likely the reason they did it, but in any case they looked like they had a blast. Mr 18 picked up the acoustic guitar for this one. He hasn't played guitar for about 4 years now. It was fun for me to see them outside of the usual box I see them in. They played the song "For What It's Worth."

Poor Hubby didn't get to go along to the show as Miss 9 chose yesterday to become ill. She woke up exhausted and with a tummy ache. By 8 she had a fever and that "look" that tells us she is feeling awful. She starts by licking her lips, constantly, she can't focus on your face, instead of dark circles around her eyes she gets red rings around them, and she can't even lift her head from the pillow. She spent the morning taking mini cat naps on her bed and moved to the couch in the afternoon. I let her watch tv even though she gave it up for lent. I'm not sure she actually watched anything. The tv was on, but she wasn't very focused on it. I think it was for background noise for her cat naps.

Miss 9 woke up this morning with a little less red around her eyes, more color on her face and the ability to look me in the eye. We've done 2 subjects of her homework and she has eaten 2 pieces of toast. Yesterday she ate nothing but small pieces of a Popsicle every half an hour or so and a dozen sips of water. I hate to see them sick like that.

My goal for her today is to perhaps get through yesterdays homework before bed. But, I also have to go pick up today's homework which will be even more lengthy. I don't think we'll finish it before school tomorrow. It's amazing how much work they do in a day.

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Ronica said...

Sorry to hear 9 is down for the count. Sickness sucks. :) Would love to see pics of 18's Rock Band! :0D