Thursday, May 22, 2008

Party at my house!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!
Today, as I write, I have more irritation in my heart then love, but, I'll try hard to get past the "why are these children in my house and why are they so blasted crabby?" phase and move on with the day.

Tuesday evening was Mr 18's graduation open house. We were incredibly lucky and fit the day in between two days of 30+mph winds. The day started with Hubby staying home, thank goodness, and helping with the final prep, deliveries and pick ups. Hubby got the yard mowed and the trimming done while I prepped all the assorted accouterments that a party demands. Meaning... I stacked in alternating coordinating colors the small paper plates, the large paper plates, the napkins and the cups. Brilliant, no? I also did some physical labor outside as well, so don't think I got off easily. My to do list for the day was an entire notebook page long and that didn't include the regular day to day tasks like driving Miss 14 and Miss 10 to the places they needed to go.

Hubby and Mr 18 washed and polished the 1970 Cougar Eliminator and 1969 Mach 1 Mustang and got them set in the front yard car show style. We decorated the back yard and set out various bulletin boards of Mr 18's life in pictures. I prepped the food and set in on rented tables and set out tables and chairs for the guests. The yard looked great and other than being a few degrees cooler than we would have liked the day was perfect. Hubby, Miss 14, Miss 10 and I all got ourselves into various Nascar t shirts and we were set.

Four o'clock rolled around and we were ready for guests. But no one showed up. Well, at least for the first 15 minutes. It's good to be fashionably late, right? Plus that way I got to sit for a brief moment. While I sat I watched Mr 18. Having people over isn't normally his cup of tea, but he had willingly and even excitedly helped us to get ready for this day. As he's waiting for his friends to show up, he's playing a few rounds of yard games with his sister and casting glances towards the gate and garage to see if anyone is ever coming. I'm sure to him the wait seemed long. Before long the yard was full of young people and some older folks as well, which was lucky for Hubby and I because exactly how much teen speak can one adult take?

The evening ebbed and flowed with at times only 1 or 2 guests and at other times many, many more. That's the nature of an open house I suppose. Mr 18 was never at a loss for someone to visit with and he was the center of attention for a few hours. I saw lots of hugging of friends, males and females and a few tears. I saw surprise when a few guests came and sadness as some of them had to leave. I saw college age friends stop by and be greeted with a heroes welcome by the graduates of this year. For those few hours our yard was a happy and exciting, energetic place to be.

There were times I wondered why I was going through so much work to get ready for an open house. Why I felt the need for it to be so perfect, because really will a bunch of teenagers even notice the decorations or the yard? Apparently they did because compliments to Hubby, Mr 18 and I were abundant by both teens and adults. I didn't expect to feel so proud of ourselves and our hard work. But I did. I was even more proud of the hospitality and grace that Mr 18 showed as he greeted guests and didn't ignore anyone, young or old. In true host fashioned he "worked the crowd" and made everyone feel welcome.

I realized then why I had put so much effort into this one day. I wanted Mr 18 to feel like this was his big day. I wanted him to have an open house that he would remember for a long time to come. Why did I do it? Because I love him! He's my very favorite 18 year old. (Don't tell your sisters!) Mr 18, I am very, very proud of you and all you have done this year. Congratulations!

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

nice post!
how great that you got the day without all of the wind. we all know how wind can ruin an otherwise perfect day.