Monday, May 5, 2008

On The Road Again

Mr 18 just returned from a 12 hour one way train ride trip to the big city in the east. He went with the Art Club to tour some art museums, attend a musical and generally horse around with his friends. They had a great time. He is tired and crabby and trying to catch up on missing 2 days of school on top of time he also missed for track meets last week.

The track team was supposed to have gone 180 miles west while he was gone, but the meet was canceled due to snow. Guess when it was rescheduled for: today! So now Mr 18 has packed up his bags and will miss another day of school to attend this meet that he didn't even know about until last night. I am actually beginning to feel sorry for him. He has spent so much time packing, unpacking and traveling lately that I bet his head is spinning.

Since the beginning of April, about a week into April actually, Mr 18 has traveled to at least 7 different destinations, some of them more than once. I added up his miles and he has a minimum of 5,096 miles traveled in that time frame. Can you imagine? This senior year is crazy.

Hubby is swamped at work this week, but has selflessly agreed to come home early to attend different functions that the kids are involved in. Last week it was a recorder concert for Miss 9. Tonight it's a band concert for Miss 14. Wednesday it's an awards night for Mr 18. Saturday will be a band day parade for Miss 14, plus a mile run/race for Miss 9 and Mr 18. Sunday is Miss 9's birthday, plus Mother's Day. Hubby's mother always comes to our house for Mother's Day and Hubby always stays home to spoil us. This year it will be even more spoiling with Miss 9 taking center stage for her day.

My head is spinning with trying to keep all the schedules straight and now we are receiving Open House/Graduation invitations from all the seniors we know. So far we have 11, I expect that number to quadruple which means trying to fit in that many open houses. Some of the open houses are after the graduation ceremony, but many are on the days preceding it, all at different times and places.

Stop May for a while. I am getting very dizzy!!

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