Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Short List

Happy LOVE THURSDAY everyone! I've got a small list here of some simple things that I love this week. Without further ado, let's get started.

~ I love listening to Miss 10 and her friend "Belle" as they are preparing for a school talent show. They are re-enacting Fabulous from High School The Musical part 2. Does anyone else think it's a bit reminiscent of Popular from Wicked?
They have come up with some wonderful ideas, with just the littlest of help from me on deciding appropriate costumes and props for a parochial school.

~ I love watching Miss 14 when she coaches swimming. It's so fun to see her in charge of the younger kids, and they all love her. She's a great coach, encouraging most of the time and tough when she needs to be.

~ I love that Mr 18 is one of the first people to jump in when someone needs help with a project or problem. (NOT that he does this at home, but with the rest of the world he's a great helper) He'll jump some one's vehicle, change a flat, clean up a mess, run an errand, etc.

~ I love that I have been able to be outside without a coat, that I have gotten 27 pots of plantings done and that it's nice enough (tonight anyway) that I don't have to haul them all back into the garage to protect them from frost.

There's a short list from me. What do you love today?

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