Friday, May 9, 2008

Miss 9 and her new friend.

We have had a few gorgeous days of weather this week. I've been able to get a lot of work done outside which makes me happy. With an Open House for graduation coming up, and Hubby not home to help out, the yard work all falls on me. For the most part I don't mind. I enjoy being outside and if the sun is shining just try keeping me inside.

A few days ago Miss 9 had some friends over. I was working in the yard and heard them calling for me. When I went over I found them sitting on the deck with a new friend. Although we haven't had any baby birds around yet, we have had lots of birds going through the mating ritual... ahem.

Early this week though I watched a pair of baby birds spend the day on our deck with mother bird coming back every few minutes to feed them. Even if I am outside, the babies don't fly of. I can work on the deck and they still just sit there. If you get within a foot they'll fly off, but they aren't very adept fliers yet, and more than once I've had to duck so they don't hit me in the head.

Miss 9 and her new friend sat beside each other on the deck for a long time. The little bird just sat and peeped at her when she would peep at him. Mother bird was up in a nearby tree frantically calling him, but he just sat on the deck with Miss 9. She loved her moments of communicated with the baby bird, and kept hoping he would come back again. That is my Fabulous Friday post for today.

Happy Mother's Day to all those special Mother's out there. Enjoy your day!

Here we will also be celebrating Miss 9's birthday on Sunday. So by the time I post again, my amazing, wonderful, loving and last child will be entering the double digits and whereas that makes her very happy, it makes me very sad.

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

amazing that miss 9 is becoming miss 10...until you are a mom, i don't think you realize how fast time minute they are a baby & the next they'll be starting kindergarten...etc...