Friday, May 23, 2008

Hooray for Friday!

It's Fabulous Friday everyone! Do you feel it?

I feel it here at our house. Today is the day when all of my kiddos are home, and done, completely done, with school. Miss 10 finished up this morning with Mass and the handing out of report cards. Miss 14 and Mr 18 were done on Wednesday when they took final tests. So here where we live, summer has officially started!

Now, if only someone would tell the weather that, because right now we have winds gusting to 34 mph and it's not quite 60 degrees. Hello, Mother Nature, in case you didn't know, we would love it if the wind would quit and if it would rain. We've waited patiently but we are beginning to believe you have forgotten about us out here. Are you listening?

How else do I know it is summer. Because I already have two girls who are b-o-o-r-r-r-ed... and there's nothing to do!! So I hope to find some of the magic feeling of summer despite Mother Nature.

We're going to bake cookies, and cake and make Rice Krispie bars. What? You don't do that in the summer? Well, neither do we, we're all about home made ice cream in the summer, but since it's so darn cold, and Mr 18 has requested cookies for his family gathering after graduation, it's time to start baking!

So Fabulous Friday today is all about summer vacation! Let the fun begin!

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