Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day = Work Day

Since we have moved here, and taken over the "family farm", we haven't really done much for Memorial Day. For us, Memorial Day is a work day. Hubby and Mr. 17 are both already at work early this morning. Hubby stayed out at the farm last night and Mr. 17 was up early, well early for his standards, so that he could drive out and get to work, too. So in our world Memorial Day and Labor Day aren't long weekends to go BBQ with friends and family, they are days to work, as is the rest of the summer.
I sent Mr. 17 out the door with a cooler of food: sandwiches, drinks and goodies to tide him over for the day. It did however take all my prodding to get him to eat something besides a Pop Tart before he left for work.
How do the rest of you get your teens to eat breakfast that isn't junk in the summertime? During the school year it is really easy, we just set out the choices on the table and they eat it without complaining. During the summer it's another story. Mostly I feel lucky if they eat breakfast at all; also I feel lucky if they are up before 11 a.m.! If they aren't I wake them. How about the rest of you? Do you let your teens sleep late?
Miss 13 starts a summer school class tomorrow, so she has to be out the door very early. It's summer school by choice, actually a PE class, 4.5 hours a day for 13 days. They get to do a lot more than the usual school year PE. It's not the typical gym games, instead it's hiking, biking, baseball, swimming, canoeing, La Cross, track and field, etc. As a bonus it frees up a class during the school year to add those extras that normally there aren't time for. This way I know she will head to bed early for those 13 days at least.
Miss 9 has signed up for some art classes for the summer along with some sport camps. Since academics are such a struggle for her we try to steer her in other directions where she has more opportunities for success when we can.
Speaking of Miss 9 she has already managed to catch herself a fun summer cold. Not that an illness usually slows her down, but it does mean there are more germs in the house that I could catch. I am a little germaphobic, so this means lots more hand washing for me. (Read more as: scrub your hands 50 times a day until your skin peels off!)
Oh, excuse me, Miss 9 played Zoombinis on the computer yesterday, I better go wash my hands now!

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