Sunday, May 20, 2007


I live in Small-town USA. I have some pretty good grocery stores, I have a major chain store for the necessities. (Although shopping there, and I have no other choice, frustrates the begeeberz out of me!) What I don't have is anywhere to shop for clothing, for myself or the kids. I can drive a few hours and find some things there, but really I am not finding a lot of time to do that anymore. The kids are busy with friends and involved in other activities, so driving to shop isn't always easy. I've been looking for somewhere online, with decent prices, and not the usual blah selections. I am not having a lot of luck and it's frustrating. Without being able to try things on I end up sending a lot of things back. Maybe I need to learn to sew my own clothes. That would be quite an undertaking. Can't you just see us running around in prairie skirts? Sounds like a recipe for the kids to get made fun of at school. Especially Mr. 17. Heh!
We've tried Kohls, AnnTaylor Loft, Talbots, Old Navy, Gap, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, LL Bean. Guess we are destined to live in Major Chain Store fashions. And don't we look lovely?

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