Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hooray for Sun

It's been so long since the sun was out here. Actually it's been kind of depressing. Yesterday the sun finally came out, it felt like heaven. I tried to be outside quite a bit, but duty calls and I had lots of other things to do that required me to be indoors.
One of the things we did was plan and book our vacation. We are taking the kids to southern California to do the typical tourist things for a week. They are sort of excited. They have never really been on a real vacation. We have spent the last family vacations at a lakeside resort. We have gone for the last 12 out of 14 years. It was wonderful! The kids always looked forward to it, and so did I. We got to hang with each other and sometimes with Hubby's sister and family. It was incredibly relaxing. This year however we have decided since Mr. 17 isn't to be with us much longer, we would do a real vacation. All the kids have an aversion to Disney for some reason though. We finally convinced them to let us take them there for 1 day. Yup, one day only. I am sure they will enjoy it in spite of their protests.
Do you have any great tourist ideas for us while we are in southern Cali? Places to go, see, eat, visit? Comment and let me know!

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