Friday, May 11, 2007


FINALLY! Spring has finally come to our corner of the world. Not that we haven't had warm days, but it finally feels like spring. The grass is green and the grass-stains are even greener! Although this time I can't complain too much because the grass stains aren't on the kids pants, they are my own. I've been kneeling and planting, and I have to say that I sure can make a big mess!

On another note it is Miss 8's Birthday today! So from now on I guess she shall be known as Miss 9. I just can't believe that it has been 9 years since this bundle of energy has entered the world. She came into the world with an attitude of defiance and she still has it! Hubby and I are fond of saying that if Miss 9 had been our first born she would be an only child. What a whirlwind she has turned out to be. But a fun whirlwind most of the time. It's nice to have Miss 9 because she still says, "I LOVE LOVE you!" and kisses our cheeks and hugs us, even with people around. She is much more capable of multi-syllable words unlike Mr. 17 who speaks in mono-syllabic grunts and semi decipherable words. Miss 13 has the eyeroll down pat, so we can usually decipher what she needs just by looking at her.

The weekend ahead looks to be a busy one. Mr. 17 has a track meet today and hopes to be home by midnight. Miss 13 marches in a parade with the middle school band tomorrow morning. Miss 9 and Mr. 17 will also be running a road race tomorrow morning. Hubby and Mr. 17 both have been working to get one of the show cars ready to enter in a Car Show this weekend as well. Plus I naturally expect to be spoiled completely rotten on Mother's Day! We are also waiting on word to see if my parents will come up so Grandma can be spoiled right along with me on Mother's Day. Aaah... the one day a year when I don't have to cook.

How do the rest of you get spoiled on Mother's Day? Or do the spoiling on Mother's Day? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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