Saturday, May 26, 2007

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Do you remember that first day of summer vacation? Today is that day for Miss 9 and Miss 13. Mr. 17 had his first day of vacation earlier in the week.
I remember how exciting that day was with all the promise of warm weather, fun with your friends, staying up late. Even now, certain songs can send me back to those days of summer fun.

Yesterday was a gloomy mess here. Not that I am complaining about getting some rain, but it was really cold too. By the time we were grilling supper you could see your breath outside~ seriously! It's May 25, you should no longer be able to see your breath outside! I'll take the rain, but I despise the cold!

Miss 9 had her birthday party with her friends yesterday. I had planned some fun crafts, a scavenger hunt and some fashion/dress-up games with prizes. They enjoyed it, and I loved being part of their upbeat, excitable energy. They made the most adorable flip flops, you can see some of them on the picture above. Miss 9 enjoyed her day.

When I tucked her in bed last night, she said, "It really doesn't feel like summer vacation, does it Mommy?" So my goal for today, despite a high temperature of less than 60 degrees, is to make it feel like summer vacation. A good goal for a long weekend, don't you think?

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