Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm Back!

I've been out of touch recently because I had the fun of having my sister here to visit for a few days. She lives a long way from me, and since I don't fly well I don't see her much except when she comes home.
The kids love having her here, especially 8 and 13. She makes them feel special, grown up and important. Plus they love to brag up their accomplishments when she is around because she's so good at boosting their egos.
I enjoy having her around because I finally get to have a friend to visit with about the annoyances of life. She gets where I'm coming from and doesn't judge me for it. We have the same sense of humor and coming from the same set of parents we have similar mannerisms. It makes us laugh to see each other behave and do the same things even though we haven't been living in the same house now for over 18 years. We whine about our spouses but both realize how lucky we really are to have them. I whine about my kids and when she stays with us she realizes that I am right about them, and sometimes they really do deserve to be complained about.
She went back to stay with my parents yesterday. I probably won't see her for a long while because she is going "out on tour" with her hubby for several months. It makes me sad. My kids and hubby would say it makes me grumpy too. I hope all goes well for her while she is on the road, but I wish she would just stay here instead.

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