Monday, May 7, 2007

Negativity Pays Off

All weekend the forecast was for rain, as was the forecast for part of last week. We desperately need it, it's so dry here, and since our livelihood depends on it, we pray for it often. As of Sunday morning, we had not much of anything. I was doing my usual negative whining, "It's not going to rain, look at that radar, it's all going east of us." etc. Finally though after lunch the skies got dark and we heard the first rumbles of thunder, they proceeded to get louder and louder. I was at a greenhouse picking out plants for the 50 or so pots that I do every year. I was in fact a little afraid of all the lightning and noise going on around me while I sat in a plastic and metal structure, so I picked plants quickly and left. The sky opened up and it rained! What a relief! See, negativity does pay off; Mother Nature heard me and thought, "I'll show you rain!" We got just over an inch which probably isn't much to most people, but here, that's a pretty good rain.

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