Friday, April 27, 2007

Gotta love those babies

I definitely am in love: with the newest addition to our family, my adorable nephew, son of my 10 years younger brother. I am so glad they moved to the same town I live in, that way I get to see baby G whenever I want to BUT when he's being fussy, I get to give him back to Mom and Dad. Love that part, that must be why we look forward to being Grandparents as well.

Baby G is just over 3 weeks old. My brother and his wife don't know how lucky they are right now. G sleeps at night! Can you imagine how that must be? My kids never slept well at night. Baby G has usually been up only twice a night since he came home from the hospital. Granted he was over 9 pounds when he was born, so that makes a difference, but I am still terribly jealous. My middle daughter, 13 at the moment, holds the record for the most times up per night~ 13! Geez, we wore out a vacuum putting that child to sleep at night, she just loved the sound. Now I see that on Amazon you can order a CD with the sounds of a vacuum running. Who's clever idea was that? I should order it for my daughter as a joke gift.

Yesterday was an interesting day. Both my older two kids had track meets. The oldest was out of town and they got home at midnight! On a school night yet. This was also their 3rd track meet in 6 days. In my opinion, that is just too much for kids in the spring. Their classes are loaded with assignments as teachers have fallen behind throughout the year, and they miss two days of school in one week, getting home late both of those days. 17 is exhausted at the moment, and barely speaking. I guess that's not all that unusual though, he's 17, he barely speaks full sentences right now anyway.

13's track meet was on a day with lots of wind, some rain, and clouds. It wasn't fun sitting and watching and waiting for her one race. I don't enjoy all the chaos or the unorganized mess that is a track meet. I also don't understand why it can't be more organized. But I won't get on my soap box over that one. Suffice it to say that I don't look forward to track season. I love that the kids participate, but I don't like sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting to watch them run.

I am headed on a weekend trip with my girls to see my sister and my parents. We are all looking forward to hanging out and doing some shopping. Where I live isn't an exciting place to find those essentials for kids, like shoes, and clothes, so we head a little farther away to a town with more shopping to offer. We don't go nearly as often as 13 would like, but if we shopped for clothes as often as she wanted to, we'd all be bankrupt.

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