Monday, August 4, 2008

You Otter Play With Me!

Miss 10, Miss 15 and I went to the zoo one morning while we were gone. Miss 10 somehow always manages to befriend animals and younger kids. This time she made friends with the otters. This was the start of her playtime. Watch the smallest one as he follows her from window, to window. Later all three of them would follow her from one window, to the other, back and again and then out of the water when she would run to the other viewing area at the end of their stream. I think it was her bright shirt that attracted them. It sure was hard to drag her away from this playdate. As we walked away the otters stood at the end of the stream and waited for her to come back.
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Allen Fieldhouse said...

how funny! the otters are fun to watch. we missed getting to the zoo this summer ~ bummer!

DeeAnn said...

too much fun! I wouldn't want to leave either