Thursday, August 21, 2008


The girls and I spent yesterday at home, trying to relax when we weren't called into action for one thing or another. It's been a rather stressful and busy week, so yesterday we wanted to just "be" if it was possible. Sure, I still had to drive Miss 15 to two swim practices, work at the school for a little while and go to the Open House at Miss 10's school, water and deadhead plants in 95 degree weather, but other than that we tried to relax.

We spent some time just sitting together, going over the details that we would need to know for the school year. Like the fact that Miss 15 can't fit her swim practice bag AND her backpack in her locker with her books all at the same time. Yet she isn't done with school until 3:20 and practice starts at 3:30. So how does she get the swim bag? Plus I am picking up Miss 10 at that same time, and if I'm not there when she gets out there are serious problems. So we debated that for a while, we still don't have a magic solution, so for now I will have to drop the bag off in the lobby of the pool, on my way to pick up Miss 10, and let it sit there until Miss 15 can retrieve it. Anyone else have a brilliant solution? We're all ears.

The Open House at the school went fine. Miss 10 isn't a fan of so many people milling about, so we did not eat the picnic supper, but we did go to the room/teacher visitation. We were able to drop off her backpack full of supplies and unload it before we left. Miss 10's teacher, Mrs. J., was Miss 15's favorite teacher of all time, so we are hoping for a good year. When Miss 10 entered the room Miss J. gave her a nice hug. Naturally Miss 10 responded lukewarm with a look at the floor and a shy smile. She doesn't mind the hugs, she likes the attention, she just doesn't know what to do with herself in situations like that. We are working on eye contact and speaking clearly so she can be understood. I hope this is just a phase.

Mr 18 has managed to lose his medication, his wallet and misplace very necessary getting to work keys in the last 3 days. It's been interesting to say the least.

Hubby and Mr 18 are putting in long, long days harvesting. Tonight brings a big chance of rain, if we get it now it will take LOTS of money out of our paycheck due to loss of quality in the crop. If you're so inclined say a prayer that this time of year the rain skips us. At least send us good thoughts.

Last night I helped Miss 15 polish her nails so she would be bee-yoo-t-ful on the first day of school. She's a sophomore this year, I can't fathom where that time went, and she was bee-yoo-t-ful by the way, and part of me hates that. Darn boys!

When I tucked Miss 10 in last night, after shaving her legs for the very first time. (Yes, I know it's early, but the poor child has the hairiest legs in our household, even more than Hubby and Mr 18, it was just time) As we said good night and I leaned down to hug her, she wrapped her arms around me and wouldn't let go. I told her I loved her hugs, but this position wasn't the best for my back. So she knelt up on the bed, wrapped her arms around me again, and held on. "If I don't let go Mom, summer stays, and this is the best part of summer, hugging you whenever I want to." ...

Happy Love Thursday everyone! May your hugs last all summer long!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet the tears flowed. She comes up with the neatest comments. Such a caring little girl.

DeeAnn said...

Gosh, that made me teary. What a wonderful moment. Thanks for recording it so we could share it too!
Thinking of all your going through these past few days makes me emotional. What a wonderful and crazy life. I can't imagine that in 17 some years my little one will be going off to college too... seems far, but when I think of how fast it's gone by so far I'm sure I'll blink and it will be here.
Enjoy all these precious moments!