Thursday, August 28, 2008

Energy To Spare

She has an exuberance that I can't match and an energy that goes beyond my weekly dose, let alone my daily dose. Miss 10 loves my attention. If I will watch her do something, she does it with 100 times more vigor than she would if I wasn't watching.

The last few days before school started we had the pool set up in the backyard. Miss 10 had one last hurrah in the pool before I took it down. I brought out the camera and told her to just go for it. The lighting was spectacular and I got some amazing shots of her face and all the little freckles she has. I got some of water dripping down her hair and her eyes sparkling in the last sunlight of summer vacation.

This picture just looks like her energy with all the water drops flying through the air and the splash she's making as she twirls around for me. I took about thirty or forty shots of her playing. She had a blast posing and I heard, "Look Mom! Look! What if I do this... or this? How did that turn out?" repeatedly.

I can't keep up with this child, some days I don't even really try. How I wish I had her energy, but I think when I was pregnant with her, all my energy was transferred to her and she has a double dose of it. So instead of the labels she has been given, let's just say she is "overly energetic" and leave it at that.

Keep it up Miss 10, in the future your energy will serve you well!

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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