Friday, August 15, 2008


The countdown is showing fewer and fewer days for Mr 18 to be living full time in our house. We have spent a lot of time going over the things he needs to head off to dorm room living and college life.

Yesterday Hubby and I went out and bought things we figure are necessities: sheets, mattress pad, lock box, toiletries, containers for storing it all, towels, etc.

I have lived a sheltered life because in all honesty I have never lived on my own. I either lived with my parents or with Hubby all my life. I never lived in a dorm with room-mates or in an apartment alone. Sometimes I wonder how I would have handled those situations, I do relish my privacy, but then I realize I haven't had any privacy my entire life so I probably would have done just fine.

We have been going over banking situations: credit card? debit card? checkbook? etc. There is so much to think about. Any ideas?

Mr 18 has ordered himself a new laptop to take with him. He used the money he received for graduation, so Thank you to anyone who contributed.

Baby Brother has handed down the black light and girlie posters, along with some beer shirts. These apparently are necessities in a boys dorm room. Who knew? Mr 18 has a good friend for a room-mate, who knows if they will still be friends after this year, but it's a good start. He also will be living in a suite with 2 other guys that they don't know.

I have a question for all you readers? What essentials could I be missing to send with him? What were some things you either had in your dorm/apartment that were necessities, or what do you wish you would have had that would have made life easier? Leave me a clue, because I am all out!


Ronica said...

A laundry bag, rolls of quarters, and some of those laundry tablets, if you can find them (Drops I think they're called--in France you could get any brand in tabs, it was great.) Does he have a cell phone? If yes, an extra charger, if no, some phone cards!

When I graduated, Mom gave me a huge box filled with stuff that she had collected over months. Little stuff, like safety pins, clear nail polish, bandaids, nylons, etc.--not really boy stuff, but that box was nearly empty by the end of the year. It was a neat present!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

don't forget the cold meds (if he isn't too stubborn to use them), poison oak relief ; ), extra eye glasses if he has them. I guess everything that is in your med cabinet that he has used over the last 18 years!

Anonymous said...

Stamps and a few postcards addressed to you so he at least has no excuse for not keeping in touch! :) Maybe a gas card? Pictures of the family - framed, so they go on top of the dresser instead of in the drawer. He may act like he doesn't want them, but you know what they say about absence.... I'll keep thinking and write again if I have more ideas. love, j.

jo said...

Remember a fan. I believe he appreciates a constant noise to sleep like r? or a clock radio with sleep noise features.