Friday, August 8, 2008


Here is a great picture of my cousin's boys. I know you can't see their faces, but aren't they just adorable anyway? They had just finished playing in the sprinkler, so they were warming up. This was taken last weekend, a week ago tomorrow, when I got to go see my cousins for the first time in a very, very long time. I had so much fun visiting with them. Their little boys, all boys no girls, were so cute, I wanted to scoop them up and bring them home with me. Well, ok, not really, I'm glad to be past that stage with my kids, but I really did wish to spend more time with them. Miss 15 and Miss 10 took over as the entertainment committee after a while and had the boys playing Duck, Duck, Goose and tag, ball of some kind, hide and seek, etc. It was fun to watch them all run around. I did feel like my cousins and I could barely get a sentence of a story out to tell each other before one of us Mom's got interrupted by our kids needing us for this, that or the other. No wonder our parents sent us to bed and stayed up late visiting, you can't visit with kids still out of bed!
The girls and I also got to spend some time with my parents, which hasn't happened in a while. We did some shopping for school clothes, shoes and supplies. We endured thunderstorms that woke us in the middle of the night both nights, and we had hail 3 times during one of the nights. That was fun... oh wait, no it, wasn't fun at all!
Hubby started harvest while I was away and Mr 18 had his last day of work at Pizza Hut. Now Mr 18 is putting in long, long hours at the farm in the few weeks that he has left here at home before leaving for college.
Hubby's sister and her family are here this week. We have spent time visiting with them, here at our place and at the farm. It makes life a bit chaotic with them around and the attempts to placate everyone's desires and wishes, but it's fun for a little while.

So Cousins, this is my invitation to invite you to come and visit me. Bring your kids, we'll play with them, and hang out, then we'll put them to bed early, make margaritas, or mojitos, or Long Island tea's and we'll visit! Miss you all!

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

it's always fun to catch up with family that you don't get to see often.
also, don't know how your relatives can turn down a visit now that you've taken the drink menu out. :)