Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love Thursday

Another blog I read decided to go with the Love Thursday theme. Apparently it's actually not a new thing. That's me, always behind the times. Since I haven't done one before... (that I remember anyway, my memory is awful!) I'll start with a list:
1. The smell of toast and coffee in the morning
2. Drinking coffee in the morning (do you sense a theme?)
3. Miss 9 when she stumbles out of her room all bleary eyed and asks for coffee in the morning. (Yup, started her early. She takes 3 Tbsp. of creamer for 2 Tbsp. of coffee, no sugar and ONLY on the weekend if I've had my fill of coffee first!)
4. Miss 14's wonderful innocence to things we just expect her to know. (Yes, you could call her dingy sometimes, I was trying to be nice!)
5. Hubby dropping me off at the door of our location just so I don't have to walk outside when it's freezing!
6. Sunscreen on my kids when it's hot outside, the smell says summer.
7. The 5 minutes I have alone with Hubby before we fall asleep. (On this point he would disagree, he says I fall asleep in less than 2 minutes once we go to bed)
8. When Miss 9 sees me somewhere she wasn't quite expecting me and her eyes light up. It doesn't happen anymore with the other two, so this is a big deal.
9. Time to read a book or a magazine
10. The moment we stepped into Disneyland with the kids. They expected to hate it, they were too old for it, etc. The look on their faces was worth every cent we paid to get them there.

So, there's my list of ten. What do you love?

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. Keep it up.