Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Wii!

Why yes, We Wii. Do you Wii? Heh, such genius!
Yesterday Hubby and I went out and bought the girls this
game. Actually the girls paid for it, Hubby and I just had to make the drive to the every exciting super center to get it for them. Neither one of them wanted to go along, because they hadn't done their hair yet. What's up with that? Anyway, we have had a blast playing the game over the last 24 hours. No, not 24 hours straight. The girls started playing yesterday. Hubby and I had a few drinks and played some last night. That was most interesting. The game is quite the work out for your arms. My forearms are exhausted! The girls have unlocked numerous new games that are a blast. They love to practice them, and then challenge Hubby or I to one of them; hardly fair since we haven't played at all yet! But, overall it's been lots of fun and lots of laughing. We throw in some panting now and then too. Some of those games are tough! I would love to post a picture of their faces playing this game, but they are both making hideous, intense, eyeballs-popping-out-of-their-sockets, tongue wagging faces and I think you would be very, very scared!

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