Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lenten Sacrifice

I have decided that I don't need to give anything up for Lent this year (seriously, just kidding, but for these purposes bear with me!) Miss 9 has decided to give up television. She doesn't watch all that much to start with, I keep her busy with her activities, homework, etc. But, Miss 9 is ADHD. TV is the only time that she actually sits still and I get half an hour of work done. After yesterday, remembering that was day 1 of Lent, I decided that her sacrifice, is now my sacrifice. I am not allowed a moment without her asking questions, or just hopping around me, to make supper or clear the dishes, or wash the dishes. She is a non stop rapid fire, "guess what, watch this, can you come here for a minute, wanna play a game, what should I do now?" It's exhausting! How does she do it?
I think I will make a list of activities to hand to her when she's bored. Usually she watches a show after swim practice. That's the time I get to cook~ 1 show; now I think my cooking time has gotten a little invaded. Oh well, it will all work out, work being the key word I think.
For Miss 9 giving up her down time watching television is a big sacrifice. It will be very, very hard for her. I'm so proud that she thought this out, and is already working hard to follow through.

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