Monday, February 4, 2008

First I whine, then I drink

Not so much of the drinking, but the title sounds good, right? Mr 18 got to start swimming again. He had his first meet of the year this weekend after a long run of physical therapy. He didn't win his events, or even qualify for State. But in your senior year, just swimming is a big deal.

Miss 9 had quite the weekend. She has decided to become Miss Defiant. Before mass on Saturday I endured a major meltdown paired with a dose of disrespect and a teaspoon of not listening. It was an interesting afternoon. I'm not proud to admit that I did lose my temper as well. In the end, after we both cooled down and went to mass, we discussed it. I like to think it is just her age, but we'll see. Sunday evening came a dose of the same thing with her after a mishap with juice and the kitchen floor. She wasn't in trouble for spilling. She was in trouble for the defiance that followed when we asked her to please not walk it all over the house. It wasn't much fun washing floors when what we wanted to do was watch the Super Bowl, but that's life with kids.

It has been a hard few weeks with Mr 18, and these last few days have made me question my parenting skills. I know I have the right thought process, but I'm beginning to doubt my own ability to pull it off. Some days between the two of them, it is nearly impossible to keep my cool. Yet I know if I yell, it's not solving a thing. I'm looking for a better idea for a response when Miss 9 decides not to listen. By response I guess I mean consequence. Taking away the tv, or play time used to work, but I think she is past that now. We need something immediate and meaningful to her. I'm still searching.

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