Friday, February 1, 2008

Fabulous Friday

A new idea: How about Fabulous Friday. Name one thing about your Friday that was fabulous.
Today mine is this. In spite of Miss 9 being so excited for their afternoon of "play" at school, she still managed to kiss me in front of everyone at the family lunch at school. I got a big hug around the neck, a kiss on the cheek and "Iloveyoumomthanksforcomingseeyoulater!" Before she ran off to get ready for ice skating. I didn't ask for it, or start it, so I'll take it as my Fabulous Friday moment! I love that girl!

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Allen Fieldhouse said...

it's d's sis.-in-law, jen. i hope you don't mind that i check your blog every now & then. i have another friend who does a fortunate fridays list on her blog. i think you both have a great idea for ending the week on a positive note!