Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back home with picnics and migraines

Back home after a wonderful trip with Miss 13. We didn't argue, not once, hard to believe I know. We had a great time and ate at some fun new restaurants. We shopped and shopped until we were worn out. Miss 13 tried on so many swimsuits that I couldn't tell the difference between all of them by the end. She finally found one that suits her. Notice I said suits her, it doesn't suit me. I never wanted my little girl in a bikini, but with her long body, and the limited sizes left, that's what we ended up with. Sigh, they grow up too fast!
The day after we got home, which was Father's Day, I frantically cleaned house and yard because in my stupidity I had somehow agreed to host a family picnic on Monday afternoon. My sister and her husband were passing through from Minneapolis on their way to Canada. They are "on tour" at the moment, so we don't see them much. My parents, his parents, my brother, sister in law and nephew were all here as well. The weather was crap, so we had to stay inside my smallish house. 40 mph wind gusts don't do much for picnic weather. We had a nice visit, although it was way too fast and it really feels like they weren't even here. On a happy note my sister is pregnant, and I am finally allowed to tell people! I've known for a while now. Sis even has a little bump already, so cute!
Miss 9 had an art class this morning, and came home with a migraine. She's never had one before, but it was all the classic symptoms. I gave her some Motrin, a cold compress, a dark room and quiet. She felt sick for a while, so didn't really eat anything, but has since moved out to the living room and asked for an apple and a potato. I think she is recovering, plus she is playing the kazoo as a "signal" for me to come and see if she needs anything. That's usually a good sign.

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