Thursday, June 28, 2007

Family Vacation

If I don't write for a time in the near future it's because we are FINALLY taking a real vacation! We are taking the kids to Southern California for the typical tourist things. None of them are into rides, so Disneyland isn't going to fly too well, but we felt that Mr. 17 should at least get to go there before he graduates from High School. We figure a day at Disney will be enough for all of us. Then we'll move on to other things. We have about 2 days unscheduled, with hopes of hitting the beach. We do have to drive 3.5 hours to get on a plane to leave, but that's not too bad. The worst part being our plane leaves at 6 a.m. so we have to be up really early, and if you haven't tried that experiment with teens you are in for a treat.
Miss 9 will enjoy the trip the most. Everything will be new and exciting for her. The teens will pretend not to be enchanted with everything, but I have a feeling that won't be able to hide all of their excitement. Mr. 17 is hoping to try surfing and Miss 14 is just excited to see the ocean.
Hubby and I have both been to CA twice, and we had hopes of going somewhere new, but it will be fun to take the kids there. My biggest hope is for decent hotel rooms, nothing ruins a trip for me faster than having to stay in a dive. I researched the hotels online, and from there things look promising. We'll see though. Happy Summer all!

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