Friday, June 8, 2007

Teen Attitude

I love my kids, I swear I do, but sometimes teens are the most trying thing ever. They have the wonderful ability to make you feel like a worthless parent, when really, you are the good parent and their friends parents, who set no curfews or limits are the worthless parents. Make sense?
Do you set limits for your teens? Mr 17 has a friend whose parents regularly leave him home alone for the weekend, in charge of his 10 year old brother. To me this doesn't make much sense.
Hubby and I argued with Miss 13 about her attitude last night. Her response was, "It's not my fault! It's my bodies fault!" OK, guess I can somewhat relate to that, PMS and all that fun stuff. But really, is it my fault there isn't cut up fruit in the refrigerator? Because she seems to think it is.
This morning Mr. 17 informed me that after his big ACT test on Saturday morning he is going fishing, all day, then to the late night drive-in double feature. Um, No! He works early Sunday morning, and is thinking it will be perfectly fine to be out until 2 a.m. then get up early for work. Plus I know for a fact that his friends parents are out of town for the weekend, so I'm pretty sure the plans for the boys aren't exactly what they say they are. Think late night or all day parties. That makes me the most worthless parent ever for saying no to that plan.
In my current mood let me say this, the Terrible Two's really are trying, but The Terrible Teens are the biggest challenge! Wish me luck!

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