Friday, June 22, 2007

18 Years

When I was in college I had an image in my head of what my life was going to be like in the future. At the time it didn't include a husband or children. In fact, I wasn't really sure I ever wanted to get married. My life changed on a fateful day while I worked at a toy store. I wasn't thrilled with my job, but it payed my bills and I was at the mall which was a bonus. One afternoon a young man walked by in tight jeans and cowboy boots, a mullet and a scruffy face. I actually walked out of the store to watch him walk away. Several weeks later while walking to my car after classes the same guy was walking in front of me and climbed into a seriously hot car: IROC Z-28, black, t-tops, personalized plates, you get the picture. I followed him. (Oh the shame, this wasn't really my personality!) Unfortunately he turned to a dead end street, and that would have been a give away had I kept going. I was nothing if not subtle. I few more weeks passed and I saw this young man occasionally. Later at a party at a friends house, after perhaps a few too many JD Coke's, I mentioned what a great rear view this guy I had seen had. The party was at a pair of my male friends house and much to my surprise they knew him! What luck, huh? The sad part was that the next time I saw the young gentleman in the hall, I was with one of these male friends, who oh so annoyingly stopped him to tell him I thought he had a cute butt! What class, huh? I kept going, I wasn't about to stick around for that humiliation.
Did I mention I was dating someone else at this point in my life? Oh, sorry, guess it wasn't worth writing about. But later, when I was at work one evening, my friends brought this young gentleman to the toy store. They introduced us, and that was it. From the moment he said, "Hi" and smiled, I've been hooked. The thoughts of marriage, and children and life alone flew right out of my head along with thoughts of the current boyfriend. When people tell you that you just know when someone is perfect for you, that it just hits you, they are right. It does happen, just like that. Hubby was a gentleman though and waited a few weeks for me to lose the loser I was dating and then asked me out.
Hubby and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary this weekend. When we got married I was pregnant, and I'm sure no one gave us a shot at 2 years, let alone 18. Our lives aren't perfect, we fight, we annoy each other and we disagree. Sometimes I disagree with him just to argue about something. But in the end, we are happy and we love each other. Although we'd die for a few nights alone together, anyone want to babysit?
Hubby is the best. He's a wonderful father and husband. He would stand up for anyone of us for any reason. He works his ass off to feed, clothe and entertain us. Hubby doesn't take any time or anything for himself. He helps with laundry, cleaning, cooking, childcare, yardwork. In fact there are days when I wish he would just not work so hard and he would sit down so that I could sit down. I don't tell him as often as I should, but when it comes to feeling loved, secure and taken care of, I am the luckiest woman in the world.
Sappy, isn't it? But true. We are lucky in many, many ways. Happy Anniversary Hubby!

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Lo said...

Awesome that you still feel that way about him after so many years together. Who were you dating when you met John? I didn't even remember that.