Saturday, December 12, 2009

Papa Joe

I used to collect teddy bears. Don't ask me why. I was young, and apparently strange. Anway, shortly after Hubby and I got married I found the pattern for this bear in a magazine. I thought he was completely adorable and my Mom helped me to make him. She did some of the sewing on the machine, and taught me a few things so I could do some of it. We picked out the fabric together and stuffed the little pieces together. I sewed the ears on myself, you can see the lovely job I did with the stitching. (Ahem, fortunately I have improved considerably in this talent.)
I can't remember the story of how my Papa Joe's (my grandfather) bow tie came to live on my bear, but I'm so glad that it did. Papa Joe Bear sits under out tree until there are too many gifts for him to fit there anymore, then he moves to a chair to watch all the Christmas festivities.
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Ronica said...

I love this. What a neat memory. :)

I have a Papa Bear, too. It's a bear Papa and Grandma gave me on my 1st birthday, and I always thought of it as "talking to Papa" when he wasn't there. Rowan has it now. It's pretty mangy, but I still love him.

Do you know what Papa wore the tie for? Wonder if it was one of the weddings or something. I can't see him in one any other time!

DeeAnn said...

I love Papa bear! I never knew you made him!? How did I not know this?
It makes him even more special.