Sunday, December 6, 2009


Pine cones, spray painted gold. Actually these pine cones happened to have been collected by my Grandmother. She died several years ago so these are quite special to me. She has given me ornaments over the years, and I still have them on my tree, but for some strange reason they don't mean as much to me as my pine cones. I spray painted them with just a light dusting of gold. I've got plain ones still hidden away in a box that she collected as well. I love putting these out in pottery bowls or woven baskets, they add a natural look to my decorating style. I have visions of Grandma out walking through the "forest" as we called it, and putting these in a big box for me, and remembering how much she loved taking walks with us makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
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DeeAnn said...

These bring back vivid memories of Grandma for me too! I remember those walks well. Oh how she loved to go on a walk. Thanks for the great memory reminder.