Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kitty Kitty

I don't collect Santa's, although I have ended up with several of them as decorations. Usually they are somehow related to something else I like, and it's not actually the Santa part that lured me in.
This decoration is not something I purchased. My MIL gave it to me. I think, now don't hold me to this but I'd say the likelihood is high, that my MIL actually purchased this on clearance, after Christmas, to give to her daughter who does collect paper mache Santa's just like this one. I'd have to say that when she gave it to her daughter, she already had it, so it was re-gifted to me. Naturally it had the price tag still on it because every gift my MIL buys has been on sale or clearance and she always makes sure only the real price tag is left on it.
True Story: One year Hubby got a Montana Silver ladies belt buckle on it from his Mom for Christmas? Why? Because it had an N on it, you know, because his middle name starts with N. It might be collectible some day.Yes, the price tag, before the clearance sale, was still on it. End of Story.
So this Santa came to live at my house. At first I was tempted to just leave him in the box marked, "Gifts from insert MIL's name here." Yes, we actually have a box like that, typically after any holiday at least 2 o3 of us have something really strange to add to that box. Someday we'll look back through the things in the box and laugh hysterically. Right now we just look at the things we put in the box and say, "what in the world was she thinking?" But I knew that Miss 11 who was quite young at the time would love the kitty part, so I put it at a level where she could see it easily. My brother-in-law was walking by one day with Miss 11 and said, "Oh, look, Santa's fishing for kittens!" and it just cracked me up! Now whenever I see it I think of him, so it goes out every year so I can say the same thing and my girls can roll their eyes at me.
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Ronica said...

Ha!!! I get that, really. Music boxes with mirror tiles, silk flowers (colors not found in nature) and those plastic sticks with the color change lights at the end? Yeah, we got at least 3 of those. Promises for "a hunting jacket" every year that we never saw, and umpteen cans of unsalted (what's the point) peanuts. Different grandma, apparently similar gift-giving skills. This would have been a winner! It's kind of cute, in a creepy, serial killer kind of way. Heh.