Monday, December 14, 2009

In The Name of Equality!

My Grandmother on my Mom's side made stockings for all the kids. This is Mr 20's stocking. It is a little different then the ones that belong to the girls, but the premise is the same. The background colors are all different and the images are all mixed up on each stocking. The kids have their name and year they were born at top of their stockings. They are made out of felt, sequins, thread and love. I'm terrified to actually use them for stockings because I'm afraid the sequins will fall off. Instead we put their stockings on their bedroom doors. (We have other stockings that Santa fills naturally!) The kids are very lucky as in recent years my Grandmother's arthiritis has really limited her ability to do many things of this nature. They are always a conversation starter when people see them because they are very unique.
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