Friday, December 11, 2009

It Takes A Village

I've got a Christmas village, well, sort of. I am not a big fan of those ceramic all encompassing things that so many people have. My village is of a larger size as far as individual pieces, but I've got only 3 buildings, and some accessories. I'd take more, but it's one of those rare things that no one can seem to find. It's by Kurt S. Adler, and for the past 7 years or so i can't find anything to go with it. The buildings are all capable of having lights, but normally I'm incapable of finding a place to set them where they can all be plugged in. For a few years I had to put it up high enough that Miss 11 couldn't constantly be messing with it. This year it is back out, and the girls were excited. I love it for the little details each piece has, and the quirkyness that isn't typical of Christmas decorations. I enjoy the non-jarring color scheme as well. My girls like moving the pieces around to new places. Hubby won't touch it with a 10 foot pole though, because... OMG it's full of GLITTER!! (Say it like the characters in Roger Rabit say DIP!))
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Ronica said...

Try there--I saw some things, but don't know if you have them already.

I'm really enjoying this tour. :) I love Christmas. About 80% of our decorations were gifts from Mom, and 19% came from students, so it's fun to relive all the memories every year. Thanks for sharing yours!