Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dress Up

Since my youngest daughter has been able to walk she has loved playing dress up. It all started with trying on whatever pair of shoes came in our door. It didn't matter who they belonged to, or what they looked like. We have scrapbook pages dedicated to her in cowboy boots, work boots, high heels, flip flops, men's shoes, women's shoes, slippers, and anything else you can imagine. It moved on to dress up clothes as soon as she was able to dress herself. She had a favorite yellow dress that was mine when I was younger, she loved it because when she would spin it flowed around her like a ballerina. Eventually we took to buying Halloween costumes, dance costumes and second hand dresses to keep her in gifts. She still plays with lots of them today. When her friends come over they drag out the giant tubs of dress up clothes and put on skits, model on the catwalk and just play. Miss 11 received this ornament when she was about 4 years old. To us it is her all dressed up in her yellow dress, fairy wings and wand, one of her favorite combinations. Although I never let her wear the fairy wings when we had to run errands, I do admit sometimes it was just easier to let her leave the yellow dress on over her clothes rather than fight with her about taking it off. She got compliments every where we went.
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