Friday, June 20, 2008

Things to Fight About

A list of things your children can fight about just in case you don't have any ideas of your own.

1. The Wii remote sitting on the couch and not being put away when it's not in use and whose fault that is.

2. Whose friend got something on the chair and whose fault it is.

3. Bumping each other in passing in the hallway.

4. Who touched whose stuff in the bathroom.

5. Who gets to watch the television in the basement.

6. Who did/didn't shut the light off in the bathroom.

7. Who watches too much television.

8. Who Mom does or doesn't blame for this, that or the other.

9. Touching each other.

10. Dinnertime, anything about it, take your pick.

11. Who sees their friends more often.

12. Which Wii game to play and who gets to be player number 1.

13. Who ate the last nectarine and who had more than the other.

14. Who can or can't do most anything, eat something or sit on something.

15. Who made Mom crabby.

Just make sure all of these items are covered in 1 day's time. Otherwise, number 15 won't happen, and we wouldn't want that!

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